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Guidelines for Water Damage Excess Deductible Coverage


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  • All brokers must first register to gain access to the online system.  

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  • An application must be completed in full for each request for coverage.

  • There must be a separate condo unit owners policy in effect which provides a minimum of $25,000 deductible buydown coverage. 

  • Required information about the unit owner’s insurance policy includes:

    • The water damage deductible buydown coverage limit

    • The name of the insurer

    • The policy number

    • The effective date

    • The expiry date

  • After submitting the completed application, a quote will be generated which includes a PDF quote document which you can download and provide to your client.

  • Note that you can edit a quote by clicking on the pencil icon in the quote section of the platform.

  • There are pre-determined options for excess water damage deductible coverage which are dependent on the strata corporations water damage deductible and the limit of coverage provided by the unit owners policy.

  • Maximum limits of coverage available are as follows: 

    • $25,000 primary up to $75,000 excess​

    • $35,000 primary up to $65,000 excess

    • $50,000 primary up to $100,000 excess 

    • $75,000 primary up to $175,000 excess

  • Please note the Minimum Retained Premium for this Product is 75%

  • Please note the commission payable is 15%


  • In order to bind coverage and generate a policy you need to click on the “Accept Policy” button which is on the online quote document.

  • A complete policy is then generated which you can download and send to the Insured.

  • Please note that you cannot backdate coverage. Therefore you must ensure that you generate the policy documents before the effective date of coverage.

  • All policies issued during the month will be shown on your normal monthly billing statement issued by Chutter Underwriting Services.

For Sample Declarations Page and Policy Wordings Click Here.


  • All requests relating to this product are to be sent to .

  • Note that if there is a request to increase or decrease the limit of insurance, the existing policy will be cancelled pro-rata and a new annual policy will be issued.

  • If you lose your password please follow the instructions through on our online portal to reset.


  • Available for unit owners living in their unit.

  • Available for seasonal condos which are used solely by the unit owner.

  • Available for units rented to a single family with a signed annual lease.

  • Coverage is not available to unit owners offering short term rentals of less than 1 year.

  • Coverage is not available when there has been a prior water damage loss which originated from the unit within the last 5 years.

  • Available only in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

  • Coverage is in excess of the deductible coverage afforded under the primary unit owners policy, and will only be triggered once payment has been made under the underlying unit owners policy and the available limits are exhausted.

  • A minimum $25,000 water deductible coverage must be provided by the unit owners condo policy.


  • It is the responsibility of the broker to verify the accuracy of all information, including the unit owner’s policy information.

  • It is anticipated that the broker who is providing the Water Damage Deductible Buydown coverage will also be the broker providing the unit owners policy and so will be able to verify and/or provide the required unit owner’s policy information.

  • If the submitting broker does not have direct access, a current copy of the unit owner’s policy must be obtained and kept on file.


  • Note that coverage afforded under this product is not triggered until the unit owners underlying water damage insurance coverage has responded and paid out the full limits available.

  • Once this condition has been met you should obtain the required documentation and submit the claim via  The required documentation is found in the Deductible Buydown Claim Information section.

  • The information provided should include a written request from the Insured giving Northbridge General Insurance Company permission to obtain pertinent claims information directly from the unit owners insurance company.